How do I use People Pay on the Popular Mobile Banking app?

To use People Pay:

  1. Log in to your Popular Mobile Banking app. Tap the “+” icon at the center-bottom (for iPhone) or bottom right-hand corner (for Android) of your task menu on your home screen.
  2. Tap “People Pay” to continue on to our People Pay screen.
  3. Select “Pay A Person” on the tab bar at the top of your screen. Search for a contact, or enter the full name, email or mobile number of the person you want to pay. (You can also select “Activity” at the tab bar at any time to review your recent payments.)
  4. Enter the payment amount.
  5. Choose your pay-from account and tap “How to Pay” to determine your method of payment.
  6. Tap “Continue” to confirm and “Pay” to finalize your transaction.