What information do I need for a HELOC refinancing?

When you apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) with Popular, make sure to have the following information available:
1. Year property was bought
2. Year property was built
3. Property address
4. Price of property at time of purchase
5. Current estimated property value
6. Insurance information
a. Name of insurance agency
b. Policy number
c. Name of insurance agent
7. Legal property description
8. Mortgage information
a. Originating mortgage bank name
b. Monthly payment
c. Current owed amount
d. Is the first mortgage escrowed?
9. How much is currently paid in property tax
10. Information about any other debt or financial obligations (such as car loans, outstanding student loans, credit cards or home equity accounts)

We will also need the following personal information for your application:
1. Full name
2. Social Security Number
3. Address
4. Date of birth
5. Employment
a. Employer
b. Employer address and phone number
c. Current occupation
d. Income
6. Name, address and phone number of your nearest relative that does not live with you

Please note, depending on the application, we may need additional details.

Subject to credit approval and meeting certain property criteria. Rates, program terms and conditions vary by state and are subject to change without notice.